When you think of Wave Sport making creek boats you will probably think of the diesel or the recon, both of which in my opinion don’t get the blood flowing with excitement. However here we have the fresh release of a boat that its name alone could symbolise renewal and a statement that it will be a flyer. Welcome to the Phoenix!

Just take a second to look at it……

phoenix pink

Go on, look again, its ok…

phoenix green

Ok, so creating a race boat capable of paddling super challenging whitewater is nothing new nor is it original. But being completely honest, I believe Wave Sport may have missed the train a little on producing the Phoenix although I am a bit glad they have. There is nothing worse than companies producing terrible unfinished products because they feel the need to compete. Over the past five years, Team Wave Sport has been exhaustively testing and prototyping the Phoenix to ensure a perfect finish to a product they are all very proud of!


The big question we all want to know, is the Phoenix as fast as they say? Yes! Its hard to be sure but this could be the fastest creek boat currently on the market! Now that’s a really big statement to make when you compare it to the likes of the Pyranha 9R, Waka’s Gangster, Lettmann Manta and the Zet Five.

The hull is so flat on the Phoenix that it really doesn’t have a top speed. The faster lines you take the faster you accelerate and it becomes very addicting, very quickly.

OK so we understand this boat is fast. The problem with making creek boats with hulls this shape is they become very unstable. Wave Sport have compensated for this by making the back end resemble Beyonce, it’s huge. The width really brings in the stability and is easy to paddle. You are very aware of the volume in the Phoenix, however you don’t really notice it on the water due to the seating position and its still less than the Waka OG.

The creative exaggerated rails running the from the cockpit to the rear are what keep this boat not just completely controllable, but brings a refreshing feel when making eddy turns or ferry gliding.

Its only weakness is part of its strength too and that’s the Core whiteout outfitting. It is so comfortable and easy to obtain connectivity through the ratchet leg lifter, however its so heavy, you may as well carry a baby elephant to the river with you, meaning the boat totals close to 23kg. Saying that when you get it on the water that weight soon disappears and for all you racers out there, rumours have it that Wave Sport will be making a lightweight race version which will bring the Phoenix down to roughly 20kg!

wave sport outfitting

Is there anything anything that is remotely similar to paddle? Not really, the Dagger Phantom is probably the closest, the rocker amount and front end feels similar, but Wave Sport have gone the extra mile to create something really different and for that reason alone we love it! Go ahead, give it a try. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised, just like we were!

The symbolic meaning of the phoenix is about renewal, rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.